10 Lessons For Starting A Consulting Business

Have you ever thought about whether you’re cut out to become an consultant, freelancer, or entrepreneur? Nurses sometimes tell me that they aren’t sure if their nursing career has trained them to start and succeed in their own legal nurse consultant practice. Nevertheless even the most routine nursing occupation is full of life lessons that apply to the business world.  A great resource for consulting is called ConsultantHub.

My first job as an intensive care nurse in a significant medical facility prepared me for business success. Subsequent jobs reinforced those early messages. I invite you to look closely at your own nursing profession and discover the lessons which can allow you to succeed as a legal nurse consultant.


A consultant (from Latin: consultare “to deliberate”) is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or

Success 1 — Discover Your Passion and Turn It into a Company
As much as I loved my work with seriously ill patients and their families, my inner voice told me I wouldn’t be working in a hospital forever. As a young nurse, the vision of myself working in the ICU at age 40, 50 or even 60 just would not come into focus.

At age 8, I spent hours every day instructing an imaginary class. Now I’m privileged to instruct, mentor and coach nurses to live their career dreams. I turned my passion into a company, and since then I have not worked a single day.

Many physicians have reconnected to their passion through legal nurse consulting, a decision unknown to them before they took my program.

Success 2 — You Have the Power to Take Control of Your Career Destiny

Patients heal faster if they take control of their health and practice healthy habits. The smallest positive activity can give a patient a sense of control and enable the healing process.

I discovered this lesson time and again as I struggled to gain control of my own nursing profession. Every time that I refused to give into the frustrations of working within the medical system and took a positive measure in my, I felt better. With every step I grew, I thrived and I came up with fresh ideas to enhance my sense of control and satisfaction.

The exact same holds true about your career. You’ve got the capability to practice the wholesome habits essential to take control of your career destiny. Educate yourself concerning the steps to attaining career health, including new career options like legal nurse consulting. Then take action on these measures. You really can take charge of your career fate.


Success Lesson 3 — Don’t Give in to Fear

As a nurse, I frequently treated patients who had the same progressive disease, nevertheless experienced radically different results. Most of us have known patients who lived years following their predicted death along with other patients who have to have lived but didn’t because they gave up or did not need to live. The fact that so many older patients die within months of losing a partner is a solid example of the mind-body connection. In nearly every case, the patients that died too soon had given in to fear.

There’s also a mind-business link that will help determine the health of your business. When I give in to fear, I turned into the biggest obstacle to my own success. That was true when I began my company 19 decades back. That is true today.

Fear will paralyze you immediately. Practice thoughts exercise and control your mind daily for positive thinking. Do not wait for an MI to quit inhaling the poisonous smoke of dread. Don’t let fear be why you don’t live your career dreams. Always remember the mind-set of those patients that live as well as the patients who die.

As nurses most of us have attracted patients back to life.

Whenever I confront a business catastrophe, I remind myself “I am a nurse and nurses can do anything.” I’ve repeated this exact same message for 19 years, and it has enabled me to overcome every obstacle.

If you can cure sick patients and manage life-threatening emergencies as readily as you make your bed in the morning, you truly can do anything — especially something as straightforward as starting a business.

Success Lesson 4 — You Can Not Climb Mount Everest without Practicing about the Foothills

I had to get extensive education and training simply to qualify for my first nursing job. Each of the classes from this job helped prepare me to the next. Every successive nursing position required new and distinct abilities necessitating more training and education.

The exact same is applicable to owning a small business. Now I manage matters readily and successfully that appeared impossible 19 years back. But that’s because I have been in training for what I do ever since I became a nurse.

No experience or occupation would be a waste. Everything you’ve done has coached you to move up to another level. Above all, don’t let the fact that you are not trained to scale Mount Everest stop you from pursuing your dreams of getting an independent legal nurse consultant. Your nursing training and experience was the first measure. Begin the next step of your practice now, and you will make that climb to begin your own successful legal nurse consultant business.

Success 5 — The Nursing Process Is Your Buddy

When I left clinical nursing, I believed I could set aside the “nursing process” permanently. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Business requires the exact same process of assessment, analysis, planning, implementation and analysis. Every job I take on requires me to evaluate the possibilities and demands, diagnose the issues, plan how to achieve my objectives, implement the plan and assess my results.

You can apply the nursing process to some company situation as well as challenge. You may thank your nursing instructors for this one. Every single time you examine a medical-related case, interview with a lawyer or confront a challenge in conducting your company, you will rely on the procedure they taught you.


Success Lesson 6 — Act Quickly and Decisively

As an ICU nurse, I discovered that seconds made a difference in patient outcome. That’s true for nurses in any specialization. I rarely had lots of time to contemplate or brood over a clinical conclusion.

I’ve applied the very same principles of acting quickly and decisively in company, too. Am I always accurate? No. Do I make mistakes? Yes. Yet due to my nursing experience, I’m never paralyzed into inaction and I’ve been in a position to make the most of many chances I would have missed without acting fast.

Do not miss your chance to be successful. Learn how to act fast and decisively, and you will develop your legal nurse consultant business.

Success 7 — What You Focus on Is Where You Achieve Results

I soon learned to triage and focus on what I had to do to heal patients within this less-than-ideal atmosphere. Nursing educated me where I focus my time is where I attain outcomes.

That skill is useful in company. It is as important to triage and enhance your actions in business as it is when working with patients. Every day I am confronted with heaps of challenges, five things that must be done at the same time, and 20 new creative ideas for my business, but I seldom dread.

When you start your legal nurse consultant business, you will not receive any additional hours daily. In reality, the times will feel shorter. The general public understands that working conditions such as RNs are worse than ever. Your ability to concentrate on what’s critical under these circumstances is the best preparation for the successful legal nurse consultant clinic.

Success 8 — That Is Just Business, It Is Not Breast Cancer

Ministering to individuals and family members helped me put life with its problems and challenges into perspective. Today when I overreact to a issue or feel I’m in crisis, I think of dying and sick patients. I believe, “Now fighting for your own life is a true issue.”

This helps me focus favorably on solving the problem instead of embarking on a pity party. I’ve thrown lots of those “parties”, and they never let me solve a single business problem.

As you develop your legal nurse consultant company, it can help to ask “What exactly if this month isn’t as successful as I proposed?” Or “So what should my best attorney-client retires?” And to remember its just business, not breast cancer.

Success Lesson 9 —

As a nurse I treated many individuals who only Began to live after they nearly died. We’ve all had patients who stated they’re Glad they got sick, because while they were nicely, they weren’t living the life They wanted. The health crisis compelled them to wake up, reassess their lifestyles, Decide what was truly important for them, and go for it.

Not every day is a healthy business day. Some Days I wake up into some disease challenge in my business. Surprisingly, it is the Business ills and mistakes which frequently wake me to creative ways of injecting My company with fresh life.

If your career is still facing a health crisis, this Is your opportunity to wake up and change things for the better. Legal nurse Consulting is one method to restore the health of your career.

Success Lesson 10 — Company Is Personal

Though technical skills are crucial to an ICU nurse, the connections with patients and their families were what Mattered most to me personally. Those customs paid off a day Once I made a mistake. Because of our relationship, the individual requested that I continue

Legal nurse consulting is a service company Where you will apply exactly the same relationship principles you learned in nursing to Your own attorney-clients and prospects. Provide quality support and Superb work Merchandise that no other legal nurse consultant can replicate, and shortly you’ll Feel as if you’re in a short-staffing scenario around again.

We have all worked with healthy and unhealthy Patients and we have seen the ramifications of poor health habits on the human body. The health of a pregnant woman is often radically reflected in the health of her offspring.

To run a successful company you ought to enjoy an Optimal state of wellness. Give yourself permission to care for yourself. I Love my business, but I love myself more. After all, without a healthful me, I Could not muster the energy to give 110% to my clients and employees daily.

Every lesson I learned from nursing, I apply to My small business now. You’ve already learned similar lessons yourself. You don’t Want another hospital job to help you succeed in business. Take a moment to Revel in all nursing has taught you. These lessons may multiply your success When you move them to your legal nurse consulting practice.

Bottom Line —-

Just Do it:  Make sure you list your company in business and consulting directories!